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Our Story

HomeKey was created after being faced with discrimination in Harford County MD. My daughters would come home asking why couldn't they have straight hair and why isn't their skin lighter. I was faced with the challenge of building my BLACK children up. I had always told them how beautiful they were but now they were surrounded by a predominantly white community. I tried many things to show them how beautiful they are, from buying books with girls that looked like them, to creating clothes that promoted their Melanin. Once I saw them growing into fashion, I knew what the mission was...HomeKey, to uplift our brown babies of all shades. That is why Homekey was created to empower and uplift our brown babies. HomeKey is for everyone though. I did not want to limit our beauty to just us. Share this Melanin with the World.

The bracelets that I create are stainless steel bangles and plastic and glass beading. Every bracelet is one of a kind, just like the beautiful people that purchase them. I include all types of charms that look like us, express us and are unique like us. I create beauty to empower and uplift ALL people.

Thank you again for visiting us and I hope you spread our message and support our mission.


Kyaira Jackson



Little Legacy BraceletLittle Legacy Bracelet